Sunday, November 21, 2010

After the show

Well, the craft show wasn't the greatest.  I was fortunate, though, to make back my table fee and cover the cost of the supplies for the items I sold.  But that was just about it.  Well, I can't complain.  I went to it knowing it was my first show, that the show was a small one, and I needed to chalk it up to experience.  I handed out some cards and met a few nice ladies there.  I also got a lot of progress in the little hat I was knitting up for my baby boy! ;-)
No other shows are booked in the immediate future.  I'm keeping my eye out for any that are being advertised in the local paper.  There are some fee-based sites that list info on large craft/art shows but I don't think I would make the best use out of the sites yet.  I'm way too busy to go all out on craft shows and this selling biz.  Too many kiddies to take care of and busy with my upcoming gymnastics season that I'm taking my kids I teach to!  That's for another blog...

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