Thursday, December 30, 2010

IOTD - Girl Baby Co-Z's

I have two styles of girl Baby Co-Z's and here is one of them.  A pink fleece that has hearts outlined all over it and a coordinating dark pink fleece on the interior.
Baby Co-Zs - Pink Fleece with hearts - Girl sz 18 mo Sleep Sack

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Free shipping on knit hats!

I need to add in my most current promo that I am running thru the new year.  From now and thru 01/02/2011, I am offering free shipping on all my knit hats; from baby hats to older kid's hats. 

Kid's Crafty Creations

12/29 IOTD

Kid's Crafty Creations is showing off their baby drool bibs!
Baby Boy Bibs   2 pack    Flannel Drool Bib  Baby Boy Bibs   2 pack    Flannel Drool Bib

I have made a variety of types of drool bibs for all 4 of my kids.  3 of them spit up all the time so the bibs I made saved their clothes.  I created this flannel style for my last baby who has a constant drool waterfall.  I love all the different flannel prints that are available this season! 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blue Corduroy Dress for little girls

Corduroy Dress - Blue - Size 2  Here is one of several corduroy dresses I have made for little girls.  This one is blue but I also have khaki colored as well as plum purple ones.  They come in sizes 6months to size 4.  My twin girls used to wear these dresses and loved them!  I routinely got 2 years of use out of these dresses when they were ages 2-5.  The dresses are roomy in the chest so there is plenty room to grow.  Then, as they grew taller, they loved wearing leggings under the dresses when they were getting too short.
The khaki colored version of these dresses are ready to ship.  Some blue ones are ready to ship.  The other half of the blue ones as well as the plum purple ones are cut out and ready to get sewn up.  You let me know what size you need and I'll get it made up for you!

Monday, December 27, 2010

12/27/10 Item of the Day

My goal now that the holiday season is passed is to have an 'Item of the Day'.  In general, there will be nothing special for the item; just one special one in the store I want to show off each day!
Here is my item for today. 
Fleece Baby Girl Car Seat Cover - Vintage-look Flowers  Fleece Baby Girl Car Seat Cover - Vintage-look FlowersA vintage looking flower printed infant car seat cover.  I love this cover and wish I had a baby girl for it!  A customer I had was looking for a vintage looking print as that is what she liked.  I came up with this for her and since I had extra material, I made up a second one to sell.  The interior chrysanthemums flannel is a great match!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just listed my first Baby Co-Z's!

I have two 'boy' style Baby Co-Z's that I have listed this evening.  Each comes in several sizes for your baby!  My own baby loves to keep warm throughout the night in his Co-Z's and hope that your's does!
Baby Co-Zs Sleep Sack - Red Paw Print Fleece - Large  12monthsBaby Co-Zs Sleep Sack - Large 12mo - Blue Fleece Sports  Boy

Monday, December 13, 2010

Introducing Baby Co-Z's

Here is my baby A modeling my very first Baby Co-Z's.  And as you can tell, he is sleeping well and very happy with it!  Baby A is a very, very cold baby and that is a problem when you live in Minnesota!  There have been a number of times I have seen his white skin turn shades of blue and purple because he is so cold.  In the morning, I often find that his hands are very chilled also.  Blankets in A's bed isn't a smart idea.  For one, he moves around so much, he'll be out from under the blanket for most of the night.  Secondly, since babies move so much, they could get caught sleeping with the blanket on their face and there is a risk of suffication or breathing uncirculated air.  So I came up with the Baby Co-Z's.  This particular covering is just like a sleeping bag and is worn like a jacket.  It is made of a double layer of fleece so it is super warm.  There is a zipper that goes to just about the end of the sleep sack.  At the top of the zipper, I have a fleece flap that covers the zipper pull and the flap stays down with velcro.  Baby won't get scratched by the zipper or won't be tempted to chew on it!  There is also plenty of wiggle room in the leg section of this sack.
After creating this Baby Co-Z's, I was so excited to have Baby A try it on at bed time.  As you can tell, he slept soundly in it.  Of course, I had to check on him several times and no mater where he was in is crib, A was still snug in the Co-Z's!  I got him up in the morning and there were no cold hands!  I was able to carry him around the house and feed him his bottle while he stayed in his Co-Z's and I didn't have to worry about dropping blankets.  I say that this is the best idea to keep my freeze-bug warm!

If you are interested in buying one, please email me!  I will be getting my supplies for the Baby Co-Z's over the next few days.

I will be making the Baby Co-Z's with a printed fleece outer layer and a coordinating solid fleece interior.  My introductory price will be $25 and once my supply at that price is gone, I cannot guarantee the price will stay the same!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally a real Minnesota winter

It's a blizzard out there!  And we finally have lots of snow!  The past winters have been very wimpy.  Very little snow and the few snow falls we had the snow was gone very quickly.  Last weekend we had a good snowfall and now we just got another good dumping!  Snow is blowing all over and drifting across our driveway.  3 of my kids have been having a blast going out several times to dig out tunnels in the monsterous hills that have been created at the side of the driveway!  Loving seeing all the snow and am glad that my hubby is the one shoveling us out!

Just looked at NOAA's website and as of an hour ago, 10.5" of snow!  Huge drifts, too...I won't even attempt driving the car out of the garage!  Just a 1-1/2hr drive to the east of us is up to 20"!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Kids' First Competition!

So I am the head coach of a gymnastics team and we had our first meet today.  So exciting!  It is fun to see some kids compete for the very first time and also see how much improvement our returning kids have done.  I was overly suprised in how well the girls did on beam.  Goes to show how far just some difficult jumps can raise up a score!  Overall, a very good meet to start off with.  We have one month before our next one and we shall use it to our fullest.  Lots of new combos and skills need to be perfected so we can upgrade our routines!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jealous of my own creations!

Yesterday, I had some time to take pictures of my 3 newest car seat covers and then I listed them.
Fleece Baby Girl Car Seat Cover - Vintage-look FlowersGender Neutral Car Seat Cover - Baby - Diamond FleeceFleece Baby Boy Car Seat Cover - Green Camo with Moose - Go Hunting!
I am totally loving how my vintage flower one turned out!  It actually was a custom requested order and I had to buy the fleece in whole yard incriments.  I had extras and made a 2nd cover.  I like it so much, I wanted to keep it for myself!  Fortunately, my baby is a boy and I don't think he'd appreciate being covered in flowers...

I was very excited when picking out the camo car seat material.  Camouflage is a good choice for boys but sometimes it is hard to find just the right flannel to match it.  But how about those moose?  Baby can be in his camo and hunt for moose!  Dads will love it!

I have several more covers I want to get finished up.  That may take some time, though.  My kids I coach (gymnastics) have their first meet this Sunday so that is a whole day activity.  Plus, I'm hoping that I get some orders in for fleece robes and flannel pants.  I really want to sew them up!