Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where to find me...

Kids Crafty Creations has been re-opened as TEJA Kids. TEJA makes and sells the exact same things that Kids Crafty Creations did just in a new store front! You can follow me in my new blog at That site has all my new information on it! See you over there!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Changes coming!

Please bear with my lack of attending to my blog; Big things are coming up! I'm shifting my store around and re-evalutating inventory. I'll be announcing a big change early next week!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Collection I created!

I have created my first collection on Artfire!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1st Trimester Baby Sale!

Kid's Crafty Creations announces it's 1st Trimester Baby Sale!  Everything in my Artfire store that you can use for baby's first year are on sale up to 25% off!  1/18-1/23
Baby Bibs
Baby Co-Z's Sleep Sack
Burp Cloths
Diaper Bags
Infant Car Seat Covers
Knit Baby Bonnets
Baby Sundress with Diaper Cover

Many styles and sizes in each item category!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The makings of a new product

I recieved a request from a former customer wondering if I make grocery cart covers.  After having gone through the toddler stage with 3 kids, one would think that I would have made one already!  Nope, I never gave it much thought.  I never did much 'accessories' sewing with my first baby 10yrs ago.  Then with the twins 5yrs ago, I did more sewing to include creating car seat covers, sundresses and all sorts of fun little things for twin girls.  But no grocery cart covers.  Then I got to thinking that I never really had the twins together in the seats of grocery carts!  I have yet to see a double seated cart for very young toddlers at my grocery store, Shopko, or Target; all places I frequented.  I actually kept my little twins out of mischief by sitting them in the cart's basket.  So I never needed a grocery cart cover.  Now with my 4th baby ready to venture into the stores without his infant car seat, I figured this would be a great time to create a cart cover for him! 

Grocery carts are a breeding ground for germs.  Who knows where hands have been before touching the cart you are now pushing your baby around in!  And then your teething baby decided to use the handle to chew and suck on!  Yuck!!!  Time for a cart cover to protect baby from those germs!
This is the cart cover I created for my baby.  The fully washable cover consists of a double layer of flannel all the way around it (you don't see the 'back' side of the material anywhere).  The seat of the cover and the surrounding outside materials are of 2 coordinating materials; the seat a solid color and the outer edging a matching printed flannel.  There are no exposed edges or seams.  I have sewed on 2 toy straps for you to attach any toys for baby.  The end of each strap has a piece of velcro so the strap can securely hold onto the toy (pacifier, rattle, teether...) 

I created this cart cover with one, large hole in the front for the legs.  Many times, it is hard getting a wiggly toddler out of a cart when they have tennis shoes or even boots on; feet are always getting caught up in the cart.  If I were to make 2 separate leg holes for the cover, that is just going to make it more difficult for me in trying to push a chunky foot in or out of the cover leg holes.  The edge around the single leg hole is finished off with a bias tape that coordinates with the seat material.

Along the back side of the seat part of the cover, I had made two sets of large button holes.  The button holes are large enough to easily thread the cart buckles thru it.  Since I had not used a cover before, I wasn't sure where the best spot for the holes were to accomodate the cart's buckles.  After trying it out today, I found that the button holes I made were not in a good spot.  So I went home and added a 3rd set to my cover and I'm happy to say that the 3rd time was a charm! lol!  The 3rd set isn't shown in these pictures but it is just as high as the top set in the picture but a few inches in towards the center for each hole.  This new set worked out much better.  

With any new cart covers, there will be one thing different than what you see in the pictures;  I will be adding an extra 2" of material along the entire outside edge of the cover.  My current cover was snug when it was put on a Target cart.  The extra material will make the cover not so tight in those carts.  (The blue seat section was a perfect fit in the carts.)

I am now ready to take custom orders for my grocery cart covers.  I have two options available to you and I certainly am open to any suggestions you may have!  If the materials you request are not readily available, extra charges may apply if I need to order them. 
Option #1: Flannel solid material for the seat and a coordinating flannel print: $30 (can also make it all one color or print if wanted for this same price)
Option #2: Fleece solid material for the seat and a coordinating fleece print: $36 (can also make it all one color or print if wanted for this same price)
Please email me at or message me thru my Kid's Crafty Creations Artfire store!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diaper Bags

Let me first say that I absolutely love my diaper bag I use with my baby!  I had been frustrated over diaper bags in the past.  You get a free bag in the hospital but those fall apart very quickly.  Diaper bags at the store were just too big or too small for what I needed.  Plus, many bags that were in my price range blasted out "BABY" or had some loud prints that my husband never liked to carry around.  So for my 4th baby, I decided to make my own.  I loved it so much I made more in hopes that potential customers would love them too!
Baby Diaper Bag - Blue Denim and Pink ribbon - OOAK Girl Boy Diaper Bag - Blue Denim and Green Stripe - OOAK  Girl Diaper Bag - Khaki with stripe ribbon - OOAK
Baby Diaper Bag - Blue Denim and Pink ribbon - OOAK Girl Girl Diaper Bag - Khaki with stripe ribbon - OOAK  Boy Diaper Bag - Blue Denim and Green Stripe - OOAK

These are pictures of some of the bags I have listed.  They are the perfect size for short errands or even for a day trip.  In fact, I have stuffed 5 diapers, a wipes container, a change of baby clothes, pacifier, bottle, formula, a burp cloth, and some baby toys all in this bag!
Each diaperbag is made of either a denim or khaki material and has a non adjustable shoulder strap, 2 outside side pockets for bottles (there is elastic at the top of the pocket to keep the bottle securly in the pocket), a flat pocket along the entire back side of the bat (great for papers or burp cloths), and a top that flips down and has velcro to hold it in place.  Inside, the diaper bag is fully lined with a cotton fabric.  There are two inside pockets with elastic at the top which are great for keeping smaller items separated and easy to get at.  I have added some accenting ribbon on the outside of the diaper bag to add some color to it.  Nothing over the top!  All edges are also top stitched for a more 'finished' look.  There are no exposed seams to deal with either!
I have been using my own diaperbag now for 8 months and it doesn't show any wear.  I am pretty sure I will get many more years of use out of it!  And since there are no baby-ish pictures or words on the bag, it can be used for a preschooler or I'm sure I'll find other great uses for it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Burp Cloths

Today, Kid's Crafty Creations is showing off some of the burp cloths available in the Artfire store.  Here are some of the gender neutral cloths available and are able to be used for either a boy or girl.  I also have many other boy and girl ones available.  These burp cloths are two layers thick; an absorbant terry cloth topped with a cute flannel.  The layers are sewed together with a line of bias tape along the outside.  No more pools of spit up on your shoulder or on the floor!
Flannel and Terrycloth Burp Cloth   Gender Neutral   3 pack

Friday, January 7, 2011

Military Carseat Cover for a baby girl

I have had the pleasure of creating a custom order for a nice lady whose husband is in the army.  (She also has a wonderful store on Artfire: For I Am An Army Wife Designs)  She had a specific fleece material in mind so I was able to use what she sent to me and I added the bright pink flannel to make the cover more 'girly' for her soon-to-be baby girl.
If you or anyone else you know has a newborn or will soon, I would love to create a special cover just for you!
Kid's Crafty Creations

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Spring 2011 Sundresses have been listed!!!

Introducing Kid's Crafty Creations' new sundresses for this year!
Hot Pink with Flowers Sundress  Girl size 2  Size 2 Toddler Girl Sundress  Lime green with white flowers
Yellow Sundress with Diaper Cover  size 12 months  Lady Bug Printed Sundress with Diaper Cover - Sz 18mo baby girl  Hot Pink with flowers

The top two sundresses each come in sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5.  The bottom sundresses have matching diaper covers and are in sizes 6mo, 12mo, and 18mo.  These dresses join my existing sundresses in my Artfire Store.  There are a variety of prints in each of the sizes for you to choose from.  I also have listed a custom order option: Custom Sundress with Diaper Cover and Custom Toddler Sundress.  Each of those listings gives you a choice from 4 available materials.  You choose, I make!  If you are wanting multiple dresses out of the same material, please let me know first so I can guarantee I have enough material for you.  Here are the choices:
 Sundress - Girl size 2, 3, 4, 5 - Custom made for you

I look forward to 'seeing' you at my store!

Baby Girl Sundresses sizes 6 month, 12 month, and 18 month

LadyBug Sundress with Diaper Cover - Pink - Size 12mo  Girl age 18mo Sundress with Diaper Cover - Lime Green & Blue Flowers  Sundress and Matching Diaper Cover  Size 18months  Butterflies on Blue

I am showing off today my baby girl sundresses!  I make sundresses for babies in sizes 6mo, 12 mo, and 18 mo.  Each dress comes with a matching diaper cover.  When my twin girls were babies, I made several dresses like this.  The dresses were short enough that when they crawled, they wouldn't get caught up in the dress.  And their diapers were cutely covered!  Now that my girls are older, they enjoy my larger sundresses...but that is for another posting.
I spent a lot of time the past few days redoing my dresses pictures and have finally uploaded them.  I also have several new baby sundresses that I will be listing today and tomorrow!