Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diaper Bags

Let me first say that I absolutely love my diaper bag I use with my baby!  I had been frustrated over diaper bags in the past.  You get a free bag in the hospital but those fall apart very quickly.  Diaper bags at the store were just too big or too small for what I needed.  Plus, many bags that were in my price range blasted out "BABY" or had some loud prints that my husband never liked to carry around.  So for my 4th baby, I decided to make my own.  I loved it so much I made more in hopes that potential customers would love them too!
Baby Diaper Bag - Blue Denim and Pink ribbon - OOAK Girl Boy Diaper Bag - Blue Denim and Green Stripe - OOAK  Girl Diaper Bag - Khaki with stripe ribbon - OOAK
Baby Diaper Bag - Blue Denim and Pink ribbon - OOAK Girl Girl Diaper Bag - Khaki with stripe ribbon - OOAK  Boy Diaper Bag - Blue Denim and Green Stripe - OOAK

These are pictures of some of the bags I have listed.  They are the perfect size for short errands or even for a day trip.  In fact, I have stuffed 5 diapers, a wipes container, a change of baby clothes, pacifier, bottle, formula, a burp cloth, and some baby toys all in this bag!
Each diaperbag is made of either a denim or khaki material and has a non adjustable shoulder strap, 2 outside side pockets for bottles (there is elastic at the top of the pocket to keep the bottle securly in the pocket), a flat pocket along the entire back side of the bat (great for papers or burp cloths), and a top that flips down and has velcro to hold it in place.  Inside, the diaper bag is fully lined with a cotton fabric.  There are two inside pockets with elastic at the top which are great for keeping smaller items separated and easy to get at.  I have added some accenting ribbon on the outside of the diaper bag to add some color to it.  Nothing over the top!  All edges are also top stitched for a more 'finished' look.  There are no exposed seams to deal with either!
I have been using my own diaperbag now for 8 months and it doesn't show any wear.  I am pretty sure I will get many more years of use out of it!  And since there are no baby-ish pictures or words on the bag, it can be used for a preschooler or I'm sure I'll find other great uses for it!

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