Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blue Corduroy Dress for little girls

Corduroy Dress - Blue - Size 2  Here is one of several corduroy dresses I have made for little girls.  This one is blue but I also have khaki colored as well as plum purple ones.  They come in sizes 6months to size 4.  My twin girls used to wear these dresses and loved them!  I routinely got 2 years of use out of these dresses when they were ages 2-5.  The dresses are roomy in the chest so there is plenty room to grow.  Then, as they grew taller, they loved wearing leggings under the dresses when they were getting too short.
The khaki colored version of these dresses are ready to ship.  Some blue ones are ready to ship.  The other half of the blue ones as well as the plum purple ones are cut out and ready to get sewn up.  You let me know what size you need and I'll get it made up for you!

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