Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally a real Minnesota winter

It's a blizzard out there!  And we finally have lots of snow!  The past winters have been very wimpy.  Very little snow and the few snow falls we had the snow was gone very quickly.  Last weekend we had a good snowfall and now we just got another good dumping!  Snow is blowing all over and drifting across our driveway.  3 of my kids have been having a blast going out several times to dig out tunnels in the monsterous hills that have been created at the side of the driveway!  Loving seeing all the snow and am glad that my hubby is the one shoveling us out!

Just looked at NOAA's website and as of an hour ago, 10.5" of snow!  Huge drifts, too...I won't even attempt driving the car out of the garage!  Just a 1-1/2hr drive to the east of us is up to 20"!

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