Monday, December 13, 2010

Introducing Baby Co-Z's

Here is my baby A modeling my very first Baby Co-Z's.  And as you can tell, he is sleeping well and very happy with it!  Baby A is a very, very cold baby and that is a problem when you live in Minnesota!  There have been a number of times I have seen his white skin turn shades of blue and purple because he is so cold.  In the morning, I often find that his hands are very chilled also.  Blankets in A's bed isn't a smart idea.  For one, he moves around so much, he'll be out from under the blanket for most of the night.  Secondly, since babies move so much, they could get caught sleeping with the blanket on their face and there is a risk of suffication or breathing uncirculated air.  So I came up with the Baby Co-Z's.  This particular covering is just like a sleeping bag and is worn like a jacket.  It is made of a double layer of fleece so it is super warm.  There is a zipper that goes to just about the end of the sleep sack.  At the top of the zipper, I have a fleece flap that covers the zipper pull and the flap stays down with velcro.  Baby won't get scratched by the zipper or won't be tempted to chew on it!  There is also plenty of wiggle room in the leg section of this sack.
After creating this Baby Co-Z's, I was so excited to have Baby A try it on at bed time.  As you can tell, he slept soundly in it.  Of course, I had to check on him several times and no mater where he was in is crib, A was still snug in the Co-Z's!  I got him up in the morning and there were no cold hands!  I was able to carry him around the house and feed him his bottle while he stayed in his Co-Z's and I didn't have to worry about dropping blankets.  I say that this is the best idea to keep my freeze-bug warm!

If you are interested in buying one, please email me!  I will be getting my supplies for the Baby Co-Z's over the next few days.

I will be making the Baby Co-Z's with a printed fleece outer layer and a coordinating solid fleece interior.  My introductory price will be $25 and once my supply at that price is gone, I cannot guarantee the price will stay the same!

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